Hey Craftsmen of the Endless Mountains. Most of you can now see we have a new site. I will do my best to keep this updated on what's happening with the group and any up coming events. If you have anything you would like to share please feel free to send it to our E-mail so we can get it up on the site. I am looking for pictures of each member and of course there creations. Any pictures from craft shows would be great. I only had a few so this is what I put on. Nothing here is in stone so if you would like to share things we would love to get your things up.

I am looking to keep our blog up and running with stories of each members crafts. I want to run stories from each of our members and Show Case them here on our blog. I will be needing pictures and a write up about yourself. I will list some questions so it makes it a bit easier to talk about yourself and experiences with your craft or art.
You will not have to answer every question but it is for a guild line so to help you tell us the best parts about what you create.  We would love funny stories about craft show experiences or anything you would like to share that has to do with your craft.
Don't forget to send us anything happening. All information needs to be about Crafts, Craft shows, or you doing things with your craft. Keep everyone updated on what we as a community are doing.
You can send DVD's with your pictures to me Lynda directly. Lynda Hatches P.O. Box 361 Eagles Mere, Pa I will get them up and share them in our Gallery!

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